Security in a Sentence

Examples of Security in a sentence

1. There is no doubt that danger lies next to security.

2. It is our own actions that provide us with security, not the judgments of others.

3. A wide range of powers was granted to security forces for the purpose of searching homes.

4. A sense of collective security motivates them to hold together.

5. There is a need for management to explore ways of improving the security of the office.

6. It is necessary to improve the security and lighting of the building.

7. It was a false sense of security they gave her.

8. To prevent a robbery at the bank, a security company was hired.

9. A lack of security would have probably prevented the crazy fans from rushing the performer.

10. Every time the president travels, a security company follows him and protects him.

11. During his duties as a security officer, the guard was responsible for making sure that the prisoners did not escape from the facility.

12. An angry taxpayer threatened the mayor’s office in front of the city’s security team.

13. The visit was conducted under tight security.

14. The security guard summarily ejected them from the event.

15. Good homes provide them with a sense of security.

16. In order to make parking lots more secure, we need to increase security.

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