Embrace in a Sentence

Embrace Meaning: To “embrace” means to hold someone or something close in one’s arms, typically as a sign of affection or support. The word can also describe accepting or supporting a particular idea or change. To embrace is to show acceptance, love, or enthusiasm. Embrace in a sentence

Inconspicuous in a Sentence

Inconspicuous Meaning: It means not attracting attention or notice, not easily seen or noticed, subtle or unassuming. It refers to something that is not likely to draw attention to itself, either because of its ordinary or unassuming appearance or because it is blended in with its surroundings. Inconspicuous in a sentence

Frenzy in a Sentence

Frenzy Meaning: Frenzy refers to a state of wild excitement or irrational behavior marked by intense emotional agitation. It can also describe a situation characterized by intense activity, excitement, or confusion. The word is often used to describe a state of excitement or madness caused by some external stimulus. Frenzy in a sentence Frenzy synonyms … Read more

Amend in a Sentence

Amend Meaning: To amend something means making changes or corrections. This can refer to a document, a law, a constitution, or any other type of written or formal agreement. In general, the act of amending something is done in order to improve it or to bring it up to date with current circumstances. Usage of … Read more

Contempt in a Sentence

Contempt Meaning: Contempt refers to the feeling of disdain or disrespect for someone or something considered inferior or beneath consideration. It can also refer to behavior or language that demonstrates such feelings. Usage of Contempt in a Sentence Contempt synonyms Some synonyms for “contempt” include: Contempt antonyms Some antonyms for “contempt” include:

Complacency in a Sentence

Complacency Meaning: Complacency refers to a state of being satisfied with the current situation and not feeling the need to make any changes or improvements. It can also refer to a lack of concern or caution in facing potential danger or problems. It is often considered a negative trait as it can prevent people from … Read more

Zing in a Sentence Examples

Zing (noun) is a slang term often used to describe a feeling of excitement or energy. It can describe a lively or stimulating situation or express enthusiasm or excitement about something. For example, you might say, “That concert had such a great zing to it!” to describe a particularly energetic and enjoyable performance, or “I … Read more

Zillion in a Sentence Examples

The word “zillion” is a colloquial term that refers to a very large but indefinite number. It is often used for emphasis or to convey that a number is extremely large, but it does not have a precise meaning and is not an actual number. In mathematics, there is no such thing as a “zillion.” … Read more