Conditional Sentences – Examples

Various sentence structures in English grammar are used in different contexts to convey different meanings and thoughts that ultimately provide a complete idea. Today, we will discuss one such important structure of sentences known as conditional sentences. Conditional sentence structures are basically sentences that talk about a hypothetical scenario and its possible outcome. In a … Read more

Negative Sentences – Examples

Sentences are of many types. Each type of sentence has its own purpose and usage. Sentences help us give meaning to the words we use and life to our thoughts. With better sentence formations, one becomes a better writer. So, sentences can be of any type. However, the two common classifications of sentences that are … Read more

Positive Sentences – Examples

Sentences help us express our thoughts in words. They give life and meaning to them and bring about the emotions and intentions of our thoughts. They are the key ingredients in English grammar, and it is important to form proper sentences to become a good writer. Sentences can be normally defined as a lined-up sequence … Read more

Optative Sentences – Examples

Sentences are very important in English grammar. It is necessary to know the proper formation of sentences with the correct words. Sentences should be able to give life and meaning to the words we use. Sentences are basically words lined together to express our thoughts. But we don’t have only one type of thought. Sometimes … Read more

Imperative Sentences – Examples

Good sentences make good writers. Sentences are the key elements of English grammar. The clearer the sentences we form, the better we become in speech and writing. Sentences are simply two or more words joined together expressing our thoughts. However, it doesn’t just end there. That may be the basic form of a sentence, but … Read more

Exclamatory Sentences – Examples

Sentences are an integral part of writing. One who forms better sentences has better writing skills. Sentences give meaning to the words we use, and without them, we can never express our thoughts and emotions. When we say thoughts and emotions, we realize that sentences are not only words that provide information. That is the … Read more

Interrogative Sentences – Examples

We learn to form sentences at the very beginning of our school life. Sentences are the key to expressing our thoughts and giving meaning to words. Without sentences, grammar would be incomplete. Sentences are formed by joining two or more words. That’s the basic formula. However, sentences are of different types. Different sentences have their … Read more

Assertive Sentences – Examples | Declarative Sentences

Sentence forming is an integral part of grammar. Better sentence forming makes writing and speech equally better and richer. Sentences can be of many types. Different types of sentences help make variant words and thoughts meaningful in different ways. One such type that is very common and important, especially for informative writings, is called assertive … Read more