Difference between A and An

In the English language, vowels and consonants are two different sounds. The words that begin with a vowel sound, normally take the article “An” and the words that begin with the consonant sound, take the article “A”. This is the main difference between A and An. The following is a list of vowels and consonants. … Read more

Articles Exercises with Answers

We have created some articles exercises for our readers. You can practice hundreds of questions on the topic “Articles in English grammar“. We have also written answers to each question for the ease of our readers. I hope this exercise on articles will help you improve your understanding of articles. Fill in the blanks using … Read more

Do articles have genders?

No, articles in English do not have any gender like the articles in the Spanish language. Articles a, an and the can be used with the nouns/noun phrases with any gender – Masculine or Feminine, common, or Neuter gender. Example 1 – The girls did not participate in the contest. Example 2 – I picked … Read more

Do all languages have articles?

Dear readers, you will feel amazed to know that most of the languages of the world do not use articles at all but they use affixes and clitics to mark the grammatical definiteness. Some languages have only indefinite articles but no definite articles. There are some other languages that have only definite articles but no … Read more

What is an Indefinite article? – Indefinite Article Examples

In the British and American English language, there are two indefinite articles in English Grammar – A and An. They are used before the nouns or noun phrases that are unspecific and have no identity. Indefinite articles generalize the nouns or the noun phrases and make them unspecific. Indefinite Articles Examples Example 1: A crewman … Read more