Why do you want to apply for this Internship? (Sample Answers)

In today’s competitive job market, securing an internship has become more crucial than ever for aspiring professionals. An internship serves as a stepping stone toward building a successful career, offering invaluable experiences and opportunities for growth. When considering potential internships, one question often arises: “Why do you want to apply for this internship?” In this … Read more

Nothing Gold Can Stay [Summary, Theme & Message]

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a poem written by Robert Frost, an American poet known for his vivid imagery and exploration of complex themes. In this article, We’ll examine the poem’s summary, theme, tone, etc. Nothing Gold Can Stay Summary The poem uses vivid imagery to convey a deeper meaning about the fleeting nature of … Read more

Paragraph on the importance of water

Water is an important part of our planet, without which life cannot sustain. In this article, we’ll see a paragraph on the importance of water for students of different classes. Sample Paragraph on the Importance of Water Water is a fundamental and irreplaceable resource crucial in sustaining life on Earth. Its importance extends beyond mere … Read more

Fortitude in a Sentence [with Examples]

Fortitude meaning: It refers to mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, or temptation with courage and resilience. It involves the ability to endure and persevere in facing challenges, displaying steadfastness and inner strength. Fortitude is often associated with moral courage and the capacity to withstand hardship or adversity without giving in to … Read more

Is ‘news’ singular or plural?

The word “news” is grammatically treated as a singular, uncountable noun, even though it might seem plural because it ends in “s.” If ‘news’ is used as the subject of the sentence, then it functions as a singular subject. So, it takes a singular verb. For example: Note: You might use specific words like “a … Read more

Everybody is or are: Which Is Correct?

‘Everybody is looking forward to the weekend‘ or ‘Everybody are looking forward to the weekend.’ Which one of the sentences is correct? “Everybody” is considered a singular pronoun, so the appropriate verb form is also singular. The correct verb to use in this case is “is.” Therefore, you should say, “Everybody is,” not “Everybody are.” … Read more

List of words starting with ‘Shri’

In this article, we’ll see the list of words starting with “Shri” in the English language. Let’s begin this exciting exploration together! 6-letter words that start with ‘Shri’ Shriek: A high-pitched, loud cry or sound expressing fear, excitement, or pain. Shrift: An archaic term meaning confession or absolution, especially in religious contexts. It can also … Read more

Everyone is or are: Which Is Correct?

‘Everyone is invited to the party‘ or ‘Everyone are invited to the party‘ Which one of the sentences is correct? “Everyone” is a singular indefinite pronoun, so it takes a singular verb “is”. The correct form is “Everyone is.” For example: Explanation The correct usage depends on the context of the sentence and whether you’re … Read more

People don’t or doesn’t: Which Is Correct?

‘People don’t always realize their potential‘ or ‘People doesn’t always realize their potential‘ Which one of the sentences is correct? “don’t” is a contraction for “do not.” “Don’t” is used with plural subjects, such as “people,” “they,” “we,” etc. Hence, “don’t” is used with “People.” For example: Explanation In English, the verb “do” forms negatives … Read more