Monday or Mondays

It is interesting to know the usage of words Monday and Mondays. In this article, we will learn how to use Monday or Mondays in a sentence. How to use Monday or Mondays? Monday is a name of a day of the week. The plural form of Monday is “Mondays“. Generally, “Mondays” is used in … Read more

On Friday or In Friday – Which one is Correct?

People are often confused about using prepositions before the word “Friday“. They sometimes use “On” and sometimes use “In“. This is because they don’t know the correct usage. Let us see the difference. On Friday or In Friday – Which one is Correct? “On Friday” is correct usage whereas “In Friday” is incorrect usage. This … Read more

Than vs Then – What’s the difference?

The four-letter words “then” and “than” have confused even confident English speakers time and again. They sound exactly the same, and even the spellings are almost similar. They are like identical twins. But there also exist difference between Than and Then. “Than” and “then” are some of the many homophones that people often misuse. You … Read more