On Monday or At Monday – Which one is Correct?

We are often confused when using a preposition before a day of the week, for example, Monday. In this article, we will learn which one is correct, On Monday or At Monday.

On Monday or At Monday – Which one is Correct?

On Monday” is correct usage while “At Monday” is incorrect usage in a sentence. A day of the week takes the “On” preposition instead of “At“.

For example

  • See you on Monday. (Correct)
  • See you at Monday. (Wrong)
  • I am available on Monday. (Correct)
  • I am available at Monday. (Wrong)

Usage of “On”

The word “on” is being used in a variety of ways. It can be used as an adverb, a preposition, or conjunction. It can be used to describe time, location, or movement.

Preposition: I’m going on vacation next week.

Adverb: The car is going on the highway.

Adjective: I’m feeling on edge today because of the uncertainty in my life.

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