In the night or At night – Which one is Correct?

We are often confused in the usage of phrases “in the night” and “at night“. You are interested to know the difference between the two.

Which is correct in the night or at night?

Both phrases “in the night” and “at night” are correct. Both phrases have a small difference in meaning. It might look the same in meaning but there lies a key difference.

“in the night” Meaning

The phrase “in the night” is used in the sense of “a particular or a certain night“. For example,

  • In the night they went walking.
  • The teacher meets the student in the night.

“at night” Meaning

The phrase “at night” is used in the sense of “any night“. Here we are not talking about any particular night. For example,

  • The snake only come out at night.
  • An owl hoots at night.

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