Discuss or Discuss about – Which one is Correct?

This is a grammatical and spelling question that asks about the difference between “discuss” and “discuss about.”

Discuss or Discuss about - Which one is Correct?

“Discuss” or “Discuss about” – Which one is Correct?

The word “discuss” is usually used when talking about a topic in general. The actual meaning of “discuss” is “talk about”. The usage of the word about after Discuss is redundant or unnecessary. Hence “Discuss about” is incorrect. You can also use talk about in place of Discuss.

One of the most common errors in English is redundancy, which means using an unnecessary word or phrase. For example, if one says “discuss about,” they are saying more than they need to. The word “discuss” already has the word “about” in its meaning. If one uses the phrase “discuss about,” they are using more of that same word. Consequently, this will lead to redundancy. In order to avoid this, we just say ‘discuss‘ and not ‘discuss about‘.

For example;

  • Let’s discuss about the importance of solar energy. (Wrong Sentence)
  • Let’s discuss the importance of solar energy. (Correct Sentence)
  • We’ll discuss the topic in layman’s terms. (Correct Sentence)
  • We’ll discuss about the topic in layman’s terms. (Wrong Sentence)

We can use the phrase talk about in place of the word Discuss. For example;

  • Let’s talk about the importance of solar energy. (Correct Sentence)
  • We’ll talk about the topic in layman’s terms. (Correct Sentence)

Discuss in a Sentence

  • Let’s discuss the details of the project at the meeting tomorrow.
  • Can we discuss this issue further before making a decision?
  • I want to discuss the possibility of working on a new project together.
  • The two leaders discussed the importance of improving trade relations.
  • We’ll need to discuss the budget before proceeding with the plan.
  • She suggested that they discuss the matter over a cup of coffee.
  • They discussed the pros and cons of the proposal before making a decision.
  • Can we discuss the matter privately?
  • Let’s discuss how we can improve the efficiency of the process.
  • The team decided to discuss the options for the next steps at the next meeting.
  • They discussed the results of the experiment with the professor.
  • The board members discussed the recent financial report.
  • Can we discuss this further in our next team meeting?
  • He suggested that they discuss the matter by phone.
  • I want to discuss the presentation topic with you before we begin.
  • Let’s discuss the feasibility of this idea before we invest too much time in it.
  • They discussed the problem and came up with a solution.
  • Can we discuss the timeline for the project?
  • I want to discuss my concerns with you before making a decision.
  • Let’s discuss the strategies we can use to achieve our goals.

Talk about in a Sentence

  • Let’s talk about your plans for the weekend.
  • Can we talk about this issue later?
  • I don’t want to talk about it.
  • I’m tired of talking about the same thing over and over again.
  • She didn’t want to talk about her personal life.
  • Let’s talk about how to improve the project.
  • Let’s talk about what we can do to help the situation.
  • We need to talk about the budget for next quarter.
  • I want to talk about a new idea I have.
  • He asked me to talk about my previous experience.
  • Can we talk about the details of the plan later?
  • The meeting was scheduled to talk about the upcoming event.
  • I don’t have time to talk about this right now.
  • Let’s talk about the changes we need to make.
  • I can’t talk about it right now, it’s confidential.
  • Can you talk about what you learned from your last project?
  • We should talk about how to market the product.
  • They were talking about their recent vacation.
  • Let’s talk about how we can improve customer satisfaction.
  • She suggested we talk about how to increase productivity.

Final Words

It is better to use ‘discuss’ instead of ‘discuss about’. You can also write ‘talk about’ instead of ‘discuss.’

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