Is ‘news’ singular or plural?

The word “news” is grammatically treated as a singular, uncountable noun, even though it might seem plural because it ends in “s.” If ‘news’ is used as the subject of the sentence, then it functions as a singular subject. So, it takes a singular verb. For example: Note: You might use specific words like “a … Read more

What is a Noun? Types of Noun

In English grammar, there are several parts of speech. And noun is amongst them. It is, in fact, the most important and basic part that one needs to know thoroughly to excel in the English language. We engage with nouns every day, even without realizing it. Nouns are basically the names given to the things, … Read more

What is a Plural Noun? Examples

Nouns are basically the words or phrases used to refer to a class of people or any object. It can be anything, be it an actual living being or an imagination. Nouns can be of different types and can be both singular and plural. Now, we are used to using nouns in our everyday speech. … Read more

What is a Singular Noun? Examples

Nouns are the general names given to people, things, places, and animals. Nouns are nothing but words that indicate things in this world. But there are different kinds of nouns. While it may seem simple, there can be complications if you do not pay proper attention. While nouns have several classifications, the two categories that … Read more

Compound Noun – Examples & Rules

Nouns can be classified into various types. While noun as a single concept is very simple, its classifications require a little more attention. Common nouns, concrete nouns, compounds nouns, etc., are all different types of nouns. Today we will discuss compound nouns. Compound nouns can be a little tricky if some rules are not followed. … Read more

Concrete Noun – Examples & Rules

Nouns can be of many types. While generally, nouns are the representation of a class of people or any object, it has several classifications within itself. Depending on the nature of the things, nouns are divided into significant parts. One amongst them is a concrete noun. And if you are familiar with an abstract noun, … Read more

Material Noun – Examples & Rules

Nouns seem to be a simple concept. It is just the name provided to the class of people and objects. But, when their classifications are involved, it might become a little tricky. Nouns are classified in several forms. For instance, common noun, proper noun, concrete noun, material noun, etc. Today we will discuss material nouns … Read more

Collective Noun – Examples & Rules

Nouns are a basic part of English grammar. Nouns are simply words used to refer to various things. It seems quite simple. However, there are several classifications of nouns that can sometimes get tricky. One among them is a collective noun. Many people tend to confuse what is a collective noun. Whether it is a … Read more

Abstract Noun – Examples & Rules

Nouns are a priority in English grammar. We use nouns every day, and every time, even when we don’t realize it. Nouns are a general representation of a class of people, objects, or animals. It can be both a living and a non-living thing. However, it is important to know that nouns can be classified … Read more