Common Noun – Examples & Rules

When you engage with English grammar, at some point, you will face the confusion of what is a common noun. It is very important to realize that nouns can be classified into two types. One is a proper noun, and the other is common. To state the basics, a common noun is a word for … Read more

Countable Nouns – Examples & Rules

The English words are divided into countable and uncountable nouns. Nouns are basically words that refer to or identify a class of things or people. It can be a place, person, animal, or thing. Nouns are both living and non-living things. Today we will discuss countable nouns. We will learn about what countable nouns are … Read more

Than vs Then – What’s the difference?

The four-letter words “then” and “than” have confused even confident English speakers repeatedly. They sound exactly the same, and even the spellings are almost similar. They are like identical twins. But there also exists a difference between Than and Then. “Than” and “then” are some of the many homophones that people often misuse. You might … Read more

Equipment or Equipments – Which one is correct?

People often make mistakes while using the word Equipment in a sentence. They use Equipment or Equipments frequently. Are words equipment and equipments correct? You would say both are correct; Equipments is the plural form of equipment. But this is a wrong concept. Let see what is the difference between equipment and equipments? Equipment is … Read more