Is ‘news’ singular or plural?

The word “news” is grammatically treated as a singular, uncountable noun, even though it might seem plural because it ends in “s.”

If ‘news’ is used as the subject of the sentence, then it functions as a singular subject. So, it takes a singular verb.

For example:

  • The news is interesting. (Correct)
  • The news are interesting. (Wrong)
  • The news is true. (Correct)
  • The news are true. (Wrong)
  • The news is important. (Correct)
  • The news are important. (Wrong)
  • Breaking news is coming in. (Correct)
  • Breaking news are coming in. (Wrong)

Note: You might use specific words like “a piece of news” or “some items of news” if you want to imply a countable form.

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