“One of the” Examples – How to use “one of the” in a Sentence

One of the” is a commonly used phrase in the English language. We use this phrase frequently during our conversations and get often confused about whether to use the singular verb or a plural verb after this phrase. This post deals with how to use “One of the” in a sentence. We have also given several “one of the” examples to have a better understanding of the phrase. I am sure it will clear all your doubts.

Now let us break up and analyze the phrase “One of the” in detail to understand its most appropriate use in a sentence.

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“One of the” is a phrase that consists of three words i.e. one, of, and the. The word “one” is a numeral adjective. The word “of” is a preposition and the word “the” is a definite article. When these three words are collectively used in the sequence “One of the”, it becomes a phrase and points out to a specific person, place, or thing. For example:

Example 1: She is one of the best players.
Example 2: One of the students lost his way.

In the first example, the phrase “One of the” is pointing out to a specific person who is also the best player. Similarly, in the second example, the phrase “One of the” points out to a specific person who lost his way.

What is the meaning of the phrase “One of the”?

The phrase “One of the” specifies a person, place, or thing in a sentence and shows that it is different from other people, places, or things or it also falls in the category of the best. For example:

Example 1: One of the students could not attempt all questions.
Example 2: Richard received one of the best awards in the world.

In the first example, the phrase “One of the” shows that only one student attempted differently from other students. This phrase specifies a student who failed to attempt all questions.

In the second example, the phrase “One of the” shows that Richard is the person who received the best award in the world. This phrase specifies Richard to be the recipient of the best award in the world.

Hence, we can say that the phrase “One of the” differentiates a person, place or thing from others.

Is “one of the” plural or singular?

Let us learn the simple rule regarding the phrase “One of the”.

"One of the + plural noun" + singular verb

“One of the” is always followed by a plural noun. Hence “One of the + plural noun” acts as a singular subject in a sentence. Therefore it takes a singular verb.

“One of the” Examples

Let us understand by the following examples.

  • One of the students was laborious.
  • Lorick got one of the prestigious prizes during his school days.
  • Nikita is one of the tallest girls in the class.
  • One of the tigers was shot dead on the spot.
  • One of the projects was approved in the meeting.
  • Nissin was one of the fighters in the ring who was not injured at all.
  • He has been one of the contestants who never accepted a defeat.
  • It is one of the fastest jet fighters in the USA.
  • One of the books was stolen from the library.
  • One of the tables was not auctioned.

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