Equipment or Equipments – Which one is correct?

People often make mistakes while using the word Equipment in a sentence. They use Equipment or Equipments frequently.

Are words equipment and equipments correct?

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You would say both are correct; Equipments is the plural form of equipment. But this is a wrong concept. Let see what is the difference between equipment and equipments?

Equipment is an uncountable noun and it takes only a singular verb with it. It does not have any plural form. Hence we can’t make its plural by adding “s” at the end.

Is the word Equipment countable or uncountable?

Now you can say that the word equipment is an uncountable noun. This means that it can’t be counted.

Equipment singular or plural?

It is noted that the word Equipment is an uncountable noun. It does not have any plural form. Hence Equipments is a misspelled word and can’t be found in the dictionary. You can write “pieces of equipment” or “types of equipment” in case you have two or more items.

Equipment has or have?

As told earlier in this article, Equipment is an uncountable noun i.e. it can’t be counted. Hence the word equipment will take “has” with it in a sentence. For example

The school laboratory's equipment has been carefully tested and verified by the technician.

Equipment in a Sentence

  1. The equipment in our science laboratory includes an ammeter and a voltmeter.
  2. They have eight pieces of equipment.
  3. These types of equipment are very costly.
  4. The equipment has accurate reading.
  5. You need a lot of equipment if you want to be a Youtuber.

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