Do articles have genders?

No, articles in English do not have any gender like the articles in the Spanish language. Articles a, an and the can be used with the nouns/noun phrases with any gender – Masculine or Feminine, common, or Neuter gender.

Example 1 - The girls did not participate in the contest.
Example 2 - I picked an apple from the tree.
Example 3 - The doctor examined the patient.
Example 4 - The Prince rewarded the minister.
Example 5 - He is a lazy boy.

In the above sentences, the articles – a, an, and the, are used with the nouns/noun phrases having different genders. Article “The” is used with the nouns – girls (Feminine gender), contest (Neuter gender), doctor, patient, minister (Common gender), and prince (Masculine gender).

Like the Spanish language, there is no restriction on using articles with a particular gender. They can be used with any gender. Similarly, the article “a” is used with a noun phrase “lazy boy” that is masculine gender, and the article “an” with the noun “apple” that is neuter gender.

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