Nuance in a Sentence

1) Even the most intelligent humans have difficulty understanding subtle nuances. 2) He was acutely aware of every nuance in her voice. 3) Because she enjoys cooking, Camille notices the nuances of taste in the food on her plate. 4) The eyes and facial expressions of a person can communicate virtually every subtle nuance of … Read more

Conviction in a Sentence

1) Conviction is being conscious of the wrongs that one has done and to decide not to repeat them in the future. 2) Given the evidence, it’s highly likely that your case will result in a conviction. 3) The police officer’s evidence was compelling and led to a conviction. 4) The police officer’s evidence was … Read more

Imperialism in a Sentence

1) Imperialism is the practice of a nation to extend its influence over another country. 2) Imperialism is also called “the policy of extending political control over other territories.” 3) Imperialism typically involves a country taking possession of foreign territory by force or by gaining economic control in order to exploit resources and acquire markets. … Read more

Sound in a Sentence

1) The sound was shocking and deafening. 2) He strained his ears to hear the sound. 3) Sound is a form of energy that travels through space, as waves of pressure variations with frequency and wavelength. 4) When sound waves reach the ear, they cause vibrations which are then interpreted by the brain as sounds. … Read more

Admit in a Sentence

1) They refused to admit her because she wasn’t wearing the right clothes. 2) The Judge decided to admit that evidence. So, how did this happen? 3) I admit I’m a little bit biased. 4) Even though my views differ from him in this different situation, I have to admit that he may be right. … Read more

Security in a Sentence

Security Meaning: It is defined as the state of being free from danger, risk, or other unpleasant consequences. Use of Security in a Sentence 1) Security is a big concern and any strategy that hurts it will not benefit your organization in the long run. 2) When you take care of your security, you can … Read more