Admit in a Sentence

1) They refused to admit her because she wasn’t wearing the right clothes.

2) The Judge decided to admit that evidence. So, how did this happen?

3) I admit I’m a little bit biased.

4) Even though my views differ from him in this different situation, I have to admit that he may be right.

5) In spite of what they’d have you think, employees never actually admit that their employer lied to them.

6) The couple admits it is wasteful to use fossil fuels at such an alarming rate.

7) Many people don’t want to admit they are scared, so they make hard tasks seem too easy.

8) It’s hard to admit that you’re scared of something.

9) As we live our lives, it’s often hard to admit that you’re scared of something or someone.

10) The academy admits students from all over the world.

11) Drunk drivers are more likely to admit they think clearly while intoxicated than not.

12) Universities did not admit blacks until well into the 1800s.

13) It took a long time for the woman to admit she has a drinking problem.

14) The police officer changed his offer to let the driver off with a warning if he would admit to speeding instead of lying, which was what the driver wanted.

15) I don’t want to admit that he is right, but he is.

16) The fear of something is natural, but it’s hard to admit that you’re scared of something.

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