Security in a Sentence

Security Meaning: It is defined as the state of being free from danger, risk, or other unpleasant consequences.

Use of Security in a Sentence

1) Security is a big concern and any strategy that hurts it will not benefit your organization in the long run.

2) When you take care of your security, you can be sure that it’ll last years into the future.

3) Security systems and software have advanced in recent years, but it’s often hard for businesses to keep up with the constantly changing technology.

4) In order to avoid a security breach, companies need to be investing in their security solutions and infrastructure.

5) Most companies today invest in their security solutions and infrastructure because they want to protect themselves from the risks of a security breach.

6) Companies need to get ahead of the game and start implementing advanced protection measures such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain security solutions.

7) Security is one of the most important aspects of any business.

8) It’s critical for companies to have a security system in place that protects customer data, brand reputation, and intellectual property.

9) Security is something that everybody understands very well.

10) In order to better understand security, it is important to consider some of its contextual definitions and learn about different types of security systems.

11) Armed security guards were hired to stop the robbers from holding up the bank.

12) The security guards were legally allowed to use their own weapons but not the robbers’ weapons.

13) The security at NBA games prevents fans from getting too close to the stage where they could potentially harm players or disrupt their game.

14) A security company was hired to follow and protect the president everywhere he goes at all times.

15) Security is an important issue for anyone in the public eye, especially the president of the United States.

16) As a security officer, you’re always on the lookout for anything out of place & suspicious.

17) Security officers spend a lot of time in their line of work.

18) Body cameras are now being used to monitor employees and the company’s security measures have been enhanced since the introduction of these devices.

19) Security officers are constantly on the lookout for anything out of place or suspicious, so it’s important for them to be vigilant.

20) Frustrated and angry, this man threatened Emanuel and his security team.

21) With the growth of technology, we are constantly exposed to new ways of security threats.

22) Security is often thought of as a solution to be achieved in one way or another.

23) Whether it is from physical barriers, technological aptitudes, or even financial investments, there are multiple methods for achieving security and safety in our personal lives and workspaces.

24) This article discusses the various types of security and what each means for individuals.

25) With the ever-improving security technologies and risks in the digital world, it’s important to know what kind of security you need to be protected against.

26) Security is the state of being protected or kept safe from harm, danger, or risk.

27) Security is an important aspect of our lives.

28) Security is the state of freedom from risk or danger.

29) There are many things that can threaten your security, such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, personal financial misfortunes, and even some diseases.

30) Security is an important component of any service, but it has been seen by many to be one of the most challenging aspects to get right.

31) Security is a risk management strategy that involves the protection of assets and works with policies, procedures, and technologies to safeguard organizations from risks that may harm their market value or competitive position.

32) In today’s world, security covers a wide range of concerns from web application security, software security, data security, and digital rights management to physical access control.

33) Security from the standpoint of an individual could mean the ways they are able to protect themselves – through their family, friends, and community when they’re not physically present; or through their own thoughts and beliefs when they’re physically present.

34) Security is more than just protecting the computer system from malicious attacks.

35) Security of information is a fundamental issue in any industry and is crucial for businesses that are sensitive about their data.

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