Nuance in a Sentence

1) Even the most intelligent humans have difficulty understanding subtle nuances.

2) He was acutely aware of every nuance in her voice.

3) Because she enjoys cooking, Camille notices the nuances of taste in the food on her plate.

4) The eyes and facial expressions of a person can communicate virtually every subtle nuance of emotion our body is capable of.

5) The human brain has an astonishing ability to know how to speak each nuance and pattern of speech.

6) The word nuance is used in different contexts and has a variety of meanings.

7) Literary critics might argue that the word nuance is overused in contemporary writing.

8) The contemporary meaning of the word nuance is closer to distinctions rather than shades of gray.

9) Books provide a level of nuance that can’t be obtained in our digital age.

10) Their recap covered every nuance of the event.

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