Conviction in a Sentence

1) Conviction is being conscious of the wrongs that one has done and to decide not to repeat them in the future.

2) Given the evidence, it’s highly likely that your case will result in a conviction.

3) The police officer’s evidence was compelling and led to a conviction.

4) The police officer’s evidence was convincing, providing a solid case and leading to a conviction.

5) She has a similar conviction.

6) Shoplifting convictions have made it difficult for him to find a job.

7) People trust issues you present to them more when you speak with conviction and belief.

8) Conviction can be linked with the moral certainty that a person feels about something.

9) A conviction is a belief that one strongly holds; an opinion or belief.

10) People do not necessarily agree about what constitutes a conviction but it is often associated with being strong-willed, self-confident, and having an interest in pursuing one’s beliefs to the point where there is no turning back.

11) Some convictions might be religious, political, or personal.

12) Some convictions are based on social issues such as racism or sexism while others are based on personal experiences that they share with others in their life.

13) The meaning of conviction is to have a firm belief in something, usually based on a deeply held set of values.

14) The meaning of conviction is very subjective.

15) In law, conviction may refer to the decision to convict a person in court.

16) In religion, conviction could mean adherence to particular beliefs or a belief system as opposed to other such systems.

17) In literature, conviction could refer to having a firm belief that something is true and being passionate about your belief.

18) In psychology, conviction can be described as an unshakeable feeling of knowing something with certainty or not being able to doubt the truth of something in your own mind.

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