Imperialism in a Sentence

1) Imperialism is the practice of a nation to extend its influence over another country.

2) Imperialism is also called “the policy of extending political control over other territories.”

3) Imperialism typically involves a country taking possession of foreign territory by force or by gaining economic control in order to exploit resources and acquire markets.

4) Imperialism is the process whereby a dominant nation asserts power over other nations, usually by means of military force, economic coercion, and cultural assimilation.

5) Imperialism has been around for centuries, but it has only been in recent years that it has become a major subject of concern for the international community.

6) Imperialism is considered by many as one of the driving forces behind the formation of a global world system.

7) Imperialism is an economic system in which a country conquers and dominates another by military force.

8) Imperialism can be applied in many different ways and there are both positive and negative impacts on a society that it’s used.

9) The benefits of imperialism include the wealth it generates, especially if the country is rich in resources.

10) The benefits of imperialism include creating opportunities for people to have more power or higher levels of education.

11) There are also some cons to imperialism, such as creating nationalism with negative consequences like genocide or violent uprising.

12) Another con to imperialism is that it may cause exploitation, regardless of whether or not it benefits the exploited group.

13) Imperialism is known as the process of European nations seizing control of different parts of the world during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

14) The practice has been criticized for its outcomes and taken as evidence that imperialism has generally been harmful to developing countries.

15) Imperialism can lead to economic development in new territories by providing easy access to raw materials like rubber, coal, and oil.

16) Imperialism can help prevent wars by giving small countries a chance at economic prosperity if they allow foreign occupation.

17) Imperialism is often accompanied by the spread of Western culture, which can be helpful for developing countries since it can teach them how to organize and bring about change with scientific techniques while also preserving traditional practices.

18) Imperialism is one of the most controversial topics in history.

19) There are many pros of imperialism that we should not ignore.

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