What is p.s. in email & letter?

We see p.s. in many emails and letters, and most of the time, we end up wondering what exactly it means. Especially in the letters, we commonly find the abbreviation p.s. that precedes a small note of added information.

Well, the abbreviation p.s. technically stands for postscript. It is derived from the Latin word postscriptum and literally means written after. The abbreviation p.s. was very popular mainly in the old days when people used to engage with handwritten letters a lot. But even today, p.s. plays an important and interesting role in emails and typed letters.

Meaning of p.s. in email

The abbreviation p.s., which literally means written after, basically is a term that is used when we want to include something extra in our letter. It is usually written at the end of a letter or an email. It comes into play when we have already signed off our letter, but then something comes to our mind, and we want to add more. Since we cannot afford to erase the entire note, we include p.s. in the end. So, when we write p.s., it acts as an indicator that there is something more.

But in today’s world, emails allow us to go back and edit our work. In such cases, p.s. does not really seem important. But that’s not the case. Even today, p.s. is very common, and most people use it to add a clever quote or afterthought that adds emphasis and makes the reader more engaged.

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