However or How ever – Which one is Correct?

When we use words like however, we are basically talking about conjunctive adverbs in English grammar. Such elements of grammar help us form different sentences that indicate an idea of contrast. But when a question arises about how ever, it becomes a different situation.

However or how ever: which one is correct?

While forming sentences, we try to convey different and varying thoughts. And sometimes it can be hard to convey differing ideas in a single sentence. Such a situation is when we bring in words like however. However is a part of conjunctive adverb that has a similar meaning to words like regardless of, nevertheless, although, etc. That means the word however shows ideas of contrast by connecting two clauses.

Thus, we can say that when one refers to a word that connects two clauses as a conjunctive adverb, the correct word is however, and not separate words how ever.

For example:

  • I feel lazy. However, I am trying to get back to work soon.
  • She was crying the entire time last night. However, she looked this morning.

Nevertheless, the usage of how ever can also be justified. That is only when we refer to the word ever as an intensifier and not a conjunctive adverb in a sentence. That simply means that the word ever is used to strengthen the statement how in a sentence.

For example:

  • How ever did you build that box?

Final words

When we need a conjunctive adverb, however is the correct answer.

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