Lots or Lot’s – Which is Correct?

There are many words in English grammar that can be quite confusing. Sometimes, people fail to understand two words and their differences, or sometimes, they confuse them with the same. Such a case can be seen between the words lots and lot’s.

Lots or Lot's - Which is Correct?

Lots or lot’s: which one is correct?

The word lot is a basic term in English that refers to a large amount. When we use lot, we indicate that there is a great deal of something. But in most cases, instead of a lot of, people use lots of. Lots is a noun or an adverb and is simply the plural form of lot. While using lots, we mean more than one set of a large amount of something.

But the word lot’s does not stand right here. Lot with an apostrophe “s” changes the meaning altogether. Words with –’s are only present to show some possession, which relates nothing to the word lot. Therefore, the correct word to use when showing a large amount is lots and not lot’s.

Let us look at some examples:

  • She bought lots of apples for her birthday. (correct)
  • She bought lot’s of apples for her birthday. (wrong)
  • I want to eat lots of chocolates today. (correct)
  • I want to eat lot’s of chocolates today. (wrong)

Final words

When trying to show a great number of things, the word lots is the correct answer. Lot’s is incorrect, and one should avoid using it.

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