Phrasal Verbs with Burn – Meaning & Examples

A phrasal verb is a verb phrase that consists of the main verb and one or more other words. The meaning of the verb phrase can differ from the meaning of the individual words, and it often does not correspond with any single word.

Phrasal verbs are usually idiomatic, and their meanings cannot be determined from the individual words alone. They are also typically used as part of informal languages, such as in spoken English or in colloquial writing.

Some phrasal verbs have related nouns (e.g., “give up”) while others have related adjectives (e.g., “come across”) or adverbs or prepositions.

In this article, we will see the different phrasal verbs starting with the word “Burn“.

List of Phrasal verbs with Burn

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Burn” is as follows.

  1. Burn up
  2. Burn out
  3. Burn away
  4. Burn down

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Burn and their usage in a sentence.

1. Burn up

Burn up meaning: To be destroyed by heat.

Using Burn up in a sentence:

  • The spacecraft burned up as it entered the earth’s atmosphere.
  • The sun was burning up the sky, and the temperature was rising rapidly.
  • She burned up with a fever and was bedridden for days.
  • The fire burned up quickly, consuming everything in its path.
  • He burned up with rage and couldn’t control his emotions.
  • The car burned up in the accident and was destroyed.
  • The fireworks display burned up the night sky with colorful explosions.
  • She burned up with embarrassment when she realized she had forgotten to turn off the microphone.
  • The dry grass burned up quickly in the hot, dry summer.
  • He burned up with desire, unable to resist her charms.
  • The company burned up a lot of its cash reserves on failed projects.
  • The old house burned up in the fire and was reduced to ashes.
  • She burned up with anxiety as she waited for the test results.
  • The candles burned up quickly, casting a warm glow in the room.
  • He burned up with jealousy when he saw his ex-girlfriend with another man.
  • The fireworks factory burned up in a massive explosion.
  • She burned up with excitement as she waited for her vacation to begin.
  • The love letters burned up in the fireplace, reducing them to ashes.
  • He burned up with shame as he admitted his mistake.
  • The hot sun burned up the paint on the old car.
  • She burned up with curiosity and couldn’t wait to find out more.

2. Burn out

Burn out meaning: To stop working.

Using Burn out in a sentence:

  • The brakes have burnt out.
  • The car’s engine burned out, and it was no longer functional.
  • She burned out after working long hours for weeks on end.
  • The fire burned out, leaving nothing but ashes in its wake.
  • He burned out on studying and needed a break.
  • The light bulb burned out, and the room was plunged into darkness.
  • She burned out from the stress of her job and had to take a leave of absence.
  • The campfire burned out, and the group huddled around it for warmth.
  • He burned out on the party scene and decided to stay in more.
  • The computer’s battery burned out, and it needed to be charged.
  • She burned out on the same old routine and needed a change.
  • The relationship burned out, and they decided to go their separate ways.
  • He burned out on his career and decided to switch to something else.
  • The fireworks burned out, leaving a smoky haze in the air.
  • She burned out from the constant travel and needed a break.
  • The relationship burned out after years of fighting and arguing.
  • He burned out from the pressure to succeed and decided to take it easy.
  • The lamp burned out and needed to be replaced.
  • She burned out from the constant demands of her job and decided to quit.
  • The candle burned out, leaving a small wax pool on the table.
  • He burned out from the long hours and lack of sleep and needed a vacation.

3. Burn away

Burn away meaning: To disappear as a result of burning.

Using Burn away in a sentence:

  • Half the candle had burnt away.
  • The sun burned away the clouds, and the sky was a bright blue.
  • She burned away the fat with intense cardio workouts.
  • The fire burned away the dry brush, clearing the area of potential hazards.
  • He burned away the negative thoughts with positive affirmations.
  • The morning fog burned away as the day grew warmer.
  • She burned away the calories with a vigorous yoga session.
  • The fire burned away the old, dilapidated house, leaving nothing but ashes.
  • He burned away the stress with a relaxing massage.
  • The acid burned away the rust on the metal surface.
  • She burned away the excess energy with a run around the park.
  • The fire burned away the debris, leaving a clean area behind.
  • He burned away the old memories and started fresh.
  • The sun burned away the moisture on the grass, leaving it dry and brown.
  • She burned away the toxins in her body with a juice cleanse.
  • The fire burned away the underbrush, making it easier to navigate through the forest.
  • He burned away the doubts and fears with determination and hard work.
  • The sun burned away the morning mist, revealing a clear view of the landscape.
  • She burned away the fat with a high-intensity interval training workout.
  • The fire burned away the old, dilapidated shed, leaving only ashes behind.
  • He burned away the negative energy with deep breathing and meditation.

4. Burn down

Burn down meaning: To destroy or to be destroyed by fire.

Using Burn down in a sentence:

  • The mob burnt down the bus station.
  • The old warehouse burned down, and the cause of the fire is still unknown.
  • She burned down the candle, and the room was filled with the smell of lavender.
  • The fire burned down the forest, leaving nothing but charred trees in its wake.
  • He burned down the letter, not wanting anyone to find it.
  • The old house burned down in the fire, and the family lost all of their possessions.
  • She burned down the bridge and cut ties with her ex-boyfriend.
  • The fire burned down the abandoned building, leaving nothing but rubble behind.
  • He burned down the evidence, hoping to cover his tracks.
  • The restaurant burned down, and the owner was devastated.
  • She burned down the old photographs, not wanting to be reminded of the past.
  • The fire burned down the small village, leaving many homeless people.
  • He burned down the old barn, hoping to clear the land for a new project.
  • The library burned down, and many valuable books were lost.
  • She burned down the old love letters, not wanting anyone to find them.
  • The fire burned down the factory, and many people lost their jobs.
  • He burned down the old, dilapidated house, hoping to build a new one in its place.
  • The hotel burned down, and many guests were left stranded.
  • She burned down the old diary, not wanting anyone to read her secrets.
  • The fire burned down the small town, and many people lost their homes.
  • He burned down the old shed, hoping to clear the area for a new garden.

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