What is an Adjective? Types of Adjectives

In English grammar, the eight parts of speech are an integral part. Amongst these eight parts of speech, Adjective is one. Adjective is a part that includes words that modify nouns. These are the words that help intensify and beautify the nouns that we use in our sentences and speech.

Adjectives can be divided into various categories. Adjectives are different words used for variant purposes with the main motive of modifying and amplifying nouns. However, there are some rules that we need to follow and learn about adjectives to use them correctly and effectively.

So, let us discuss adjectives in detail to understand them and make correct use of them in our future.

What is an Adjective?

Adjectives are words that help modify the noun or the subject of the sentence. These are the basic and important words that describe a noun in a more precise and apparent manner. Adjectives can modify or describe any type of noun. It can be a place, animal, person, or thing.

Adjectives can also be defined as words that indicate the quality or state of the subject of a sentence.

They are basic words like beautiful, interesting, big, small, yellow, pink, etc.

However, adjectives can be divided into two main categories. One category of adjectives defines the quality or kind of noun that we are referring to. And the other category of adjectives indicates the quantity of the noun that we are referring to.

Let us understand with some examples;


  • She is a beautiful lady.
  • I have an interesting book.


  • I have three dogs.
  • She bought some pens from the store.

Usage of adjectives

Adjectives are used in different types of sentences. They are always used with nouns. They mostly precede nouns in a sentence since it describes them. For example;

She is an intelligent girl.

The word interesting is describing the quality that the noun has. And hence, it is called an adjective.

She has three big dogs.

Here, the words three and big are modifying the nouns. And as mentioned earlier, adjectives can show both the quality and quantity of a noun.

It is also important to learn about coordinate adjectives. When we use two or more adjectives for the same noun in a sentence, they are said to be coordinated. Coordinate adjectives should always be separated by commas or and. For example;

  • I saw this big, bulky animal in the zoo.
  • I have a new and fresh flower in the room.

Forms of adjectives

Now that we know the meaning of adjectives, we need to know the forms of adjectives. Adjectives have basically three forms. They are as follows;


These are adjectives that describe or modify nouns in their absolute or right form.

They are a good team.


These adjectives describe or modify nouns by making a comparison.

They are a better team.


These adjectives modify nouns by showing that it is at its best or has the highest degree of quality.

They are the best team.

Thus, we see adjectives are simply words describing nouns. However, there are different types of it, and it is necessary to learn them thoroughly to avoid any mistakes.

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