Exclamatory Adjective – Examples

Adjectives are one of the eight parts of speech. We use adjectives regularly in our writing and speech because it helps intensify our sentences and make them more precise and presentable. Adjectives have different categories. Each type of adjective is used in different contexts and for different purposes.

When we say different types, exclamatory adjectives are one of them. The exclamatory adjective is a type that we often use when we are shocked or surprised. These are words that help us convey a sudden emotion.

It is easy to understand exclamatory adjectives. However, let us get into a more detailed discussion to learn its usage and functions.

What are exclamatory adjectives?

Exclamatory adjectives are the type of adjectives used when we show a sudden and strong emotion. It indicates intense emotions that are felt when shocked or surprised concerning the noun. It is used with the noun, and it is also used to emphasize it.

In short, exclamatory adjectives are words that express our strong emotions regarding the noun. The two most common exclamatory adjectives are ”what” and “how”. We usually make use of “what” as an interrogative adjective, but here, it will act as an emotion of surprise instead of asking a question.

Let us look at some basic examples;

  • What a beautiful dress!
  • What a movie!
  • What a scene!
  • What a band of musicians!

Here, we can see that “What” emphasizes the noun and expresses a strong emotion. And similarly, “How” can also be used to show emotions.

Usage of exclamatory adjectives

We learned that exclamatory adjectives are words that express strong emotions. Now, we need to learn that these words are always accompanied by nouns. Which means they are used with the nouns in a sentence. Another important and basic point that we need to know while using an exclamatory adjective in a sentence is that the sentence will end with an exclamation mark (!). It is used because we are not asking questions or stating a fact. Instead, we are showing a surprising or intense emotion.

Now, let us try to understand the usage of “What”:

What” can be used for both plural nouns and singular nouns. When we use this exclamatory adjective, we are expressing a surprising emotion. We use this to show that we mean what we are expressing.

What” with a singular noun:

  • What a beautiful girl!
  • What an extraordinary idea!
  • What an intelligent person!
  • What a huge mansion!

Here, we can see that when we use “What” with singular nouns, we make use of articles like a/an followed by adjectives and words. And, of course, the sentences end with exclamation marks.

What” with plural nouns:

  • What the pretty dresses!
  • What the exquisite flowers!
  • What the gorgeous ladies!

Here, what used with plural nouns make use of “the” followed by the noun.

We can also use this adjective word with collective nouns:

  • What a group of beautiful rabbits!
  • What a band of extraordinary musicians!
  • What a collection of coins!

Here, it acts similar to the usage with singular nouns.

These are some points that will help understand exclamatory adjectives better.

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