Emphasizing Adjectives – Examples

Adjectives are words that help modify a noun and beautify or intensify it. It is one of the eight parts of speech. These are important words that help one in enriching their writing and speech.

However, adjectives are more interesting than you think. It is not just words adding a character to a noun. Well, that may be the primary aim, but different types perform with different intentions. And emphasizing adjectives is one example of such adjectives. It is a type that is different from others and has distinct usage.

Emphasizing adjectives are basically words that emphasize the noun. Let us try to understand them in detail.

What are emphasizing adjectives?

Emphasizing adjectives are a type of adjective that emphasizes the noun, as the name suggests. These adjectives specifically lay stress on the noun or the subject of the sentence. It tries to give some strong meaning concerning the noun.

In simple words, emphasizing adjectives are words that emphasize the noun and show strong emotions or feelings. It can be applied to any noun. It can be a person, place, animal, or thing. If one is trying to show strong emotion regarding the noun, then emphasizing adjectives is used.

Some of the basic and common emphasizing words are – own, utter, absolute, very, total, etc. All these words lay emphasis on the noun.

Let us understand with some examples;

  • Please mind your own business.
  • This is the very book that I read last night.
  • Why can’t you write in your own book?
  • I was shocked after seeing his absolute ignorance.
  • It was a total success.
  • Don’t you have your own pencil?
  • That was a complete failure.
  • It is utter nonsense to wait here.

These are some examples that will help clarify the meaning of emphasizing adjectives. They try to emphasize the noun more deeply.

Usage of emphasizing adjectives

Emphasizing adjectives are the words used to stress the nouns. Now, these words are used in different sentences. However, it is important to realize the way and different contexts these words are used in.

For instance, let us understand the uses of the common emphasizing adjectives, own and very.

Own is used when we are trying to lay stress or emphasize on a possessive adjective. Which means it indicates possession of the noun. Now, let us look at some examples;

Write in your own notebook.

Here, we can see that own is adding extra stress on the noun’s possession by someone. It is emphasizing on it.

Very is used when we are indicating that the given noun is the particular noun you are referring to. For example;

This is the very dress I bought yesterday.

Here, you are trying to emphasize that the dress you bought was that particular dress only.

So this is how different emphasizing adjectives are used for variant purposes. There are many more, and we need to make use of them accordingly.

We see emphasizing adjectives are easy to understand. However, it is important to keep in mind these points to avoid any mistakes. Emphasizing adjectives can get tricky sometimes.

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