Phrasal Verbs with Cut and their Meanings

We will learn a variety of phrasal verbs that begin with the word Cut in this article. Each phrasal verb’s meaning, along with examples, will be presented.

List of Phrasal verbs with Cut

Here is the list of phrasal verbs starting with the word “Cut“.

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  • Cut out
  • Cut up
  • Cut into
  • Cut down on
  • Cut away
  • Cut back
  • Cut down
  • Cut across
  • Cut off
  • Cut in

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Cut and their usage in a sentence.

1. Cut out

Cut out meaning: Defeat somebody; eliminate somebody.

Using Cut out in a sentence:

  • One has to cut out all one’s rivals.

2. Cut up

Cut up meaning: Cut into pieces

Using Cut up in a sentence:

  • My brother cut up the chicken.

3. Cut into

Cut into meaning: Intervene

Using Cut into in a sentence:

  • You should not try to cut into my personal matter.

4. Cut down on

Cut down on meaning: Reduce one’s consumption

Using Cut down on in a sentence:

  • She should cut down on sugar.

5. Cut away

Cut away meaning: Remove by cutting

Using Cut away in a sentence:

  • Dave cut away all the dry branches of the oak tree.

6. Cut back

Cut back meaning: To do less of something or use something in smaller amounts.

Using Cut back in a sentence:

  • The state government has announced plans to cut back on education spending by 5% next year.

7. Cut down

Cut down meaning: To make a tree or other plant fall to the ground by cutting in near the bottom.

Using Cut down in a sentence:

  • We should stop cutting down trees to save the earth.

8. Cut across

Cut across meaning: To go straight from one side of an area to another instead of going round.

Using Cut across in a sentence:

  • If we cut across the forest, it’ll save time.

9. Cut off

Cut off meaning: Remove by cutting

Using Cut off in a sentence:

  • The butcher cut off the head of the chicken.

10. Cut in

Cut in meaning: Starts working

Using Cut in in a sentence:

  • The emergency lights cut in.

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