Phrasal Verbs with Bear – Meaning & Examples

Phrasal verbs are usually used in our day-to-day conversations. In this article, we will see the phrasal verbs with Bear and their meanings.

List of Phrasal verbs with Bear

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Bear” is as follows.

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  1. Bear up
  2. Bear out
  3. Bear on/upon
  4. Bear with

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Bear and their usage in a sentence.

1. Bear up

Bear up meaning: Remain cheerful and in control in a difficult situation.

Using Bear up in a sentence:

  • I bear up well against all my misfortunes.

2. Bear out

Bear out meaning: To Support somebody; to confirm something.

Using Bear out in a sentence:

  • I will bear my soldier out in his mission.
  • They will bear me out in court.

3. Bear on/upon

Bear on/upon meaning: Be connected with somebody/something.

Using Bear on/upon in a sentence:

  • Her suggestion does not bear on/upon my problem.

4. Bear with

Bear with meaning: To tolerate patiently.

Using Bear with in a sentence:

  • You must bear with her a few days more.

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