Phrasal Verbs with Call and their Meanings

I will provide you with a list of phrasal verbs that begin with the word Call in this article. You will learn each phrasal verb’s meaning, as well as examples, in detail.

List of Phrasal verbs with Call

Here is the list of phrasal verbs starting with the word “Call“.

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  • Call down
  • Call back
  • Call at
  • Call in
  • Call out
  • Call on/upon
  • Call for
  • Call up
  • Call off

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Call and their usage in a sentence.

1. Call down

Call down meaning: Request; pray

Using Call down in a sentence:

  • She called down curses on her father’s head.

2. Call back

Call back meaning: Shout to somebody to turn round and come back to a place he has just left.

Using Call back in a sentence:

  • The sports teacher has called his students back.

3. Call at

Call at meaning: Pay a short visit to a place.

Using Call at in a sentence:

  • She called at my office but found me absent.

4. Call in

Call in meaning: Summon; send for.

Using Call in in a sentence:

  • He does not call anybody in.

5. Call out

Call out meaning: To summon.

Using Call out in a sentence:

  • When the situation was out of control, the USA army was called out.

6. Call on/upon

Call on/upon meaning: To formally invite or ask somebody to speak.

Using Call on/upon in a sentence:

  • I now call upon the vice-chancellor to address the conference.

7. Call for

Call for meaning: To require; to demand; to need.

Using Call for in a sentence:

  • The situation calls for prompt action to be taken.

8. Call up

Call up meaning: To recall.

Using Call up in a sentence:

  • After the surgery, she was not able to call up past events.

9. Call off

Call off meaning: To cancel; to withdraw; to order; to stop.

Using Call off in a sentence:

  • The tennis match was called off because of the high temperature.
  • The nationwide lockdown will be called off tomorrow.

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