Login vs Log in vs Log into – What’s the difference?

You have often seen the term log in or login or log into while accessing your social media pages, but you still cannot remember which one you have seen the most? This is a very common phenomenon. Most people tend to forget which one is the right choice and what exactly they mean.

Well, all three options can be correct depending on what you want to convey. They are three different terms and can stand useful under different circumstances. Let us differentiate each one of them to clarify the doubts.

Login vs Log in vs Log into


When we say login, it is most commonly used as a noun. But sometimes, it can also be used as an adjective. As a noun it technically means the data or the credentials that allow access to a computer. However, it is usually understood as the username.

Log in

Log in, on the other hand, is a verb. It indicates that you are asked to connect to a database by providing your date, such as username. It tells you to enter. It is simply an acting verb.

Log into

Log into is also used in a similar way as log in and can stand correct. However, most people confirm that log in is accepted as a complete single word. Therefore, they prefer log in to, instead of log into. It just does not sound right in some cases.

So, these are the differences between the three. They have a similar basic interpretation but are used for different purposes.

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