Start up or Startup or Start-up: Which one is Correct?

The term startup is a commonly used word in business sectors. But most people often get confused regarding which spelling to use or how to present it. The main problem is created regarding the choice between the three options, start up or startup or start-up.

Start up or startup or start-up: which one is correct?

The term startup or start-up is a noun that is concerned with a type of business. It is a commonly exchanged term in the marketing sector. Since it is a noun, the best possible answer to the question would be the spelling start-up. The two words start and up conjoined with a hyphen is the highly accepted and grammatically correct word used in English grammar.

However, it has been recorded that most people also tend to use the term startup to refer to the same thing. That means startup can also stand grammatically correct when described as jargon. Thus, it shows that the term is an informal one.

Nevertheless, the term start up is nothing but a verb. It has no meaning related to the business type as such. Therefore, it is recommended that one should completely avoid using the two words separately. Startup or start-up should either be used as a single word or should be hyphenated.

For example;

  • My friend is working on his startup.
  • This start-up is reaching heights.

Final words

The spelling start-up or startup is correct. Start up simply acts as a verb.

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