Nevertheless vs However – What’s the difference?

Words like nevertheless and however are often confused by many. Sometimes, it is the meaning that causes problems, and sometimes the use. However, there is nothing much to worry about.

However and nevertheless are the types of words that both come under the category of conjunctive adverbs. They carry the same meaning that shows contrast in a sentence. That means they are used where the first half of the sentence has a striking or unexpected contrast with the idea of the second half of the sentence. Still, there is a slight or subliminal difference between the two. While the difference is not much, it is important to know.

Nevertheless vs However - What's the difference?

Nevertheless vs However


Nevertheless is a conjunctive adverb that is used to indicate the idea of contrast in a sentence. It is a very basic word similar to however, and is used similarly in a sentence. However, nevertheless is a bit more formal and emphatic. It shows a stronger and more unexpected contrast between the two clauses than however.

Also, only nevertheless can be correctly used both at the beginning and end of a sentence.

  • I was trying hard. Nevertheless, the results were all on fate.


On the other hand, however also has the same meaning as nevertheless and is used similarly in a sentence. But it is a little less formal and emphatic in nature.

However is more frequently used than nevertheless making it more popular and easier to understand.

  • I was dying to eat this. However, I am not satisfied.

These are the only difference between the two. The main point is only of formality.

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