Nowadays or Now a days: Which one is Correct?

In English grammar, there are various words that often create trouble regarding their correct structure. By structure, we mean the spelling or formation structure. The question related to nowadays or now a days is an example of such problems.

Nowadays or now a days: which one is correct?

Going by grammar rules, there is only one way of presenting the above word, and that is nowadays. The correct way to use the word is only as nowadays, a single word and not separately used words like now a days.

Nowadays is a basic word that is frequently used in sentences when one refers to the present time. That means we simply define “at current times” or indicate something that is going on in recent days. Thus, we can say that the correct option is nowadays and not now a days. Using the word as a phrase instead of a single word will only make it grammatically wrong.

For example;

  • You cannot just buy anything nowadays. (correct)
  • You cannot just buy anything now a days. (wrong)
  • Nowadays, I don’t feel like going outside and playing. (correct)
  • Now a days, I don’t feel like going outside and playing. (wrong)
  • I don’t see you around nowadays. (correct)
  • I don’t see you around now a days. (wrong)

Final words

The word nowadays is the right choice. It is a single word, and it shouldn’t be used as three different entities. That structure would make the word lose its meaning and use.

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