To long or Too long: What’s the difference?

To long” and “too long” are both different phrases and can mean differently in a different context. However, if we talk about adjectives, this question is related to spelling.

To long or Too long: What's the difference?

To long or too long: What’s the difference?

You should only use the phrase “too long” if your sole aim is to use an adjective in order to convey something as lengthy. “To long” and “too long” are actually two different phrases used in different contexts. However, if we are focusing on the adjective referring to something lengthy or excessive in length and time, then the correct answer is “too long”.

For example;

  • You are taking too long to complete the sum.
  • This rope is too long.
  • Please, don’t take too long to come back.
  • The science paper was too long.

But it is not incorrect to use “to long” if you refer to the verb. The combination of to with long as a verb means to yearn for something or wish for something. In that context, “to long,” as a phrase, is also correct.

For example;

  • To long for money over love is a crime.

As we can see, both the phrases can mean differently. Nevertheless, if we convey something to be lengthy, never use “to long”. For something with an excessive or great duration, “too long” is the right answer.

Final words

To conclude, we can say “to long” can have other uses but “too long” is the right choice if it is about length.

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