Nevertheless or Never the less – Which one is Correct?

Words like nevertheless come under the conjunctive adverbs category in English grammar. They are amongst the commonly used words in a sentence when it comes to showing the contrast of ideas or exceptions.

Nevertheless or Never the less - Which one is Correct?

Nevertheless or never the less: which one is correct?

If we go by the basic rules, the correct word to use is nevertheless and not never the less. It is especially when we aim to represent the word as the conjunctive adverb that tries to indicate a contrast of ideas between two clauses in a sentence. Nevertheless is a combination of the words never, the, and less and is used as a single word in a sentence. Using it as three different phrases might be considered a typo or mistake.

For example:

  • I was there at the meeting. Nevertheless, I missed all the points.
  • He was sleepy. Nevertheless, he is working again.
  • I was so heartbroken. Nevertheless, I am fine now.

It is a fact that some people find no difference between the two cases. They both are considered the same and interchangeable. However, in some cases, never the less can be a correct choice when we use the words as something else and not conjunctive adverbs.

For example:

  • Always look for the best and never the less.

This sentence conveys that we should never look for something less. But in case we want to show a contrast between two clauses and use an alternative to words like however or regardless of, we need to adhere to the use of nevertheless as a single word.

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