Nowhere or No where: Which one is Correct?

Sometimes words can be confusing and very irritating. Many people often avoid using some particular words because their structure seems to be complicated. This case mainly happens with words like nowhere. So, when one asks whether it is nowhere or no where, the question is simply a spelling-based question.

Nowhere or No where: which one is correct?

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When we need to convey in our sentence that there is no particular place or necessary place that one needs to go to, we will simply use the word nowhere. So basically, nowhere is the correct spelling for something that means no place or location. If we use the word nowhere as two different entities like no where, it will not make proper sense and instead make the sentence look weird and meaningless.

For example:

  • I have nowhere to go after tomorrow’s meeting. (Correct)
  • I have no where to go after tomorrow’s meeting. (Wrong)
  • I just want to go nowhere and sleep for the entire day. (Correct)
  • I just want to go no where and sleep for the entire day. (Wrong)
  • She has nowhere else to go. Please, help her. (Correct)
  • She has no where else to go. Please, help her. (Wrong)

As we can see, the word no where makes no sense. If we refer to a negative sentence where no specific place is required, nowhere is the only right answer. Using the word as separate phrases will only make it grammatically wrong.

Final words

Use word nowhere and not no where separately.

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