Login vs Logon – What’s the difference?

Most people get confused about whether to write login or logon. Which one is correct or what is the difference between the two is amongst the most commonly asked questions.

While there may be a negligible difference from one point of view, there can be another way to pursue them and find their difference. Let us clearly differentiate the two words down below with some examples.

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Difference between login and logon

First, it is important to understand that login is a noun, and it essentially refers to the data that helps gain access to a particular website. Or it can also refer to the process of providing or entering the data, such as username, in order to connect to a system. In that sense, logon might also act the same.

However, there is a tiny difference between the two;


Login is used when we refer to the access of software such as FaceBook, Google, etc. That means login is used by websites, apps, or computer applications. They are more of a security measure to promote protections against unauthorized access.

Please login to your FaceBook page and send a friend request.


Logon, on the other hand, carries the same meaning, but here, we are referring to the access to a system that is locked. For instance, your phone or your computer.

  • Logon to your computer.

However, the fun fact is that they are both considered to be synonyms. So, they may be used interchangeably in many cases, and it is nothing to be surprised about.

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