Housewife vs Homemaker – What’s the difference?

In today’s generation, we are cautious about everything from head to toe, and we do not like to live in a state of misconceptions. But what most people still cannot identify is the difference between a housewife and a homemaker!

Most people use these terms interchangeably, while some people find the term housewife offensive and rude. But is it really the case? Is homemaker the new vocabulary for housewife, or is it a completely different entity that people fail to understand? So it becomes necessary to find out the variances these terms hold.

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Housewife vs Homemaker – Difference

When we speak in literary terms, housewife refers to the state of a woman, a woman who is married to a man and who is solely committed to her domestic affairs. We need to understand that housewife is the lady of the house.

However, a homemaker is not restricted only to a woman. A homemaker can be both a man or a woman who carries the responsibilities of the house and keenly builds a homely atmosphere for its members. Homemakers craft a home, and they may not be a wife, but they still pursue the accountabilities that underlie a home.

Beyond the Horizon…

Today let us proceed beyond just what a dictionary has to say. We need to pursue the essential idea of what constitutes a housewife and a homemaker.

A housewife is not a mere existence of a human who is married and is bound to household chores. Her day begins when she wakes up in the morning and ends when her family falls asleep. Why do you hush when you have to accept your mother is a housewife? She is the entity that has shouldered all your care and in no way is she jobless as people often perceive. Housewives take the liability of daily work. They become all-time cooks to all-time caretakers for the entire family. If we perceive it from a sociological perspective, a housewife is a member of a social unit who is expected to nurture and cultivate her family members despite any otherworldly affairs.

When we talk about homemakers, it is a more spiritually elevating term. You see, sometimes a housewife might not be a homemaker, which is not common but therein lies the difference. A homemaker is an occupation that one pursues out of concern and willingness. One might not be a mistress of the house and still want to build a home that their family seeks. In fact, we all hold responsibilities as a homemaker. It is something that we owe to our society. Homemakers build the future and elevate the well-being of their families, and it is not about showing outcomes, but it is more about self-evaluation. As social beings, it is our duty, and we should not treat it as a burden.

In this generation, people are blinded by contemporary occupations, but a successful job is not all that liberates a woman or a person. If someone wants to be a housewife, she has the right to be, and we, as human beings, ought to play our roles as homemakers. It is high time to remove the veil of ignorance.

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