I have or I has or I had: Which one is Correct?

Have, has, and had are auxiliary verbs, also called the helping verbs. Therefore, “I have or I had or I has” is a question related to the use of helping verbs and pronouns of English grammar.

I have or I has or I had: which one is correct?

First, we need to understand that whenever we are using have or has, we are trying to express ownership or possession. These are generally used as helping verbs in a sentence. Have is the type of verb used in the present tense with pronouns such as we and they. And has is used with pronouns such as he, she, and it. But, have is also used with two singular pronouns. It has two exceptions, the first person I and the second person you. So, it is safe to say that “I have” is correct and “I has” is incorrect.

For example;

  • I have a party tonight. (correct)
  • I has a party tonight. (wrong)

Further, when it concerns the use of “I had,” it is also grammatically correct. It is simply because had is the past participle form of have. So, the verb had is applicable to all types of pronouns.

For example;

  • I had a pleasant day.
  • I had a rough day today.

Final words

We can conclude that the correct answers are “I have” and “I had”. Since had is a past form of the verb have, it automatically stands right with I. However, “I has” is completely incorrect.

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