It has or It have: Which one is Correct?

When we say have or has, we mean helping verbs in English grammar. Helping verbs are the verbs that do not possess a meaning on their own. So, the question we are referring to, “it has” or “it have”, is a verb-related question.

It has or it have: which one is correct?

Has and have are the type of helping verbs that are put to use in a sentence when we want to show possession or ownership. This basically relates one thing to another. The verb “has” is the singular form of the verb “have” and is used in the present tense. It is applied with pronouns such as it, she, and he. On the other hand, the verb have is the plural form and is used with words such as we and they. However, there are exceptions of “have” such as its use with “I and you”.

But the point here is that the correct answer to our question is “it has” and not “it have”. “It have” is grammatically incorrect. Since “it” is a singular pronoun, it will always be used with “has”.

For example:

  • It has grown like a horse. (Correct)
  • It have grown like a horse. (Wrong)
  • It has its own way. (Correct)
  • It have its own way. (Wrong)

There is one exception when we talk about it. When we use another verb like “does” before the pronoun, we use have with it. For instance, “Does it have any skills?”

Final words

Now we can conclude that “it” is a singular pronoun, and the verb “has” is the right match for it.

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