She has or She have: Which one is Correct?

Have” is an auxiliary verb in English grammar. And “has” is simply the singular form of “have”. When we say auxiliary verbs, we mean helping verbs that help the main verb in a sentence. So, the question of whether it should be “she has” or “she have” is a question related to the agreement between a verb and a pronoun.

She has or she have: which one is correct?

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Helping verbs like have and has are the type of verbs that are generally used when one wants to express ownership or possession of something. Have and has are both verbs that are used in the present tense.

Now, has is a singular form of a verb used with singular pronouns such as she, he, and it. On the other hand, have is a verb form used with plural pronouns such as they and we, but the only exceptions are the singular pronouns such as I and you. Therefore, the answer is “she has”. Using “she” and “have” together is grammatically incorrect.

For example:

  • She has a lot of work to do today. (correct)
  • She have a lot of work to do today. (wrong)
  • She has the pencil you are looking for. (correct)
  • She have the pencil you are looking for. (wrong)

Exception: Although “she” is always used with the helping verb “has”, there is one exception. The exception is the situation where the pronoun she is preceded by another verb “does”. In this case, we need to pair she and have. For instance: “Does she have a scooter?”

Final words

The conclusion is that the verb “has” is always used with a singular pronoun. Therefore, stick to using “she has”.

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