He has or He have: Which one is Correct?

Auxiliary verbs like have are often called helping verbs that help the main verb in a sentence. So, the above question is a grammatical question related to the use of an auxiliary with a pronoun.

“He has” or “he have” – which one is correct?

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There are various types of auxiliary verbs in English grammar. And when we want to show possession or ownership, we use the verbs have and has. While these two verbs are sometimes used interchangeably, they cannot be correct in all cases.

The verb have is used with only plural pronouns such as we and they. The only exception is singular pronouns like I and you. And the verb has is the singular form of have that is always used with singular third-person pronouns such he, she, it.

So, when one asks whether it is “he have” or “he has”, it is very clearly the latter option. Saying “he have” is incorrect and will cause grammatical errors. Since he is a singular pronoun that refers to one person, it will be paired with has.

For example;

  • I think he has the pen. (correct)
  • I think he have the pen. (wrong)
  • He have taught all the lessons accurately. (wrong)
  • He has taught all the lessons accurately. (correct)

However, there is a situation when he is paired with have. That is only when the pronoun is preceded by another verb “does”. For instance: “Does he have the book?”

Final words

Finally, we can say that “he has” stands grammatically correct. So, it is better to adhere to that.

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