Demonstrative Pronouns – Examples & Rules

The demonstrative pronoun is an essential division of pronouns. People often tend to confuse demonstrative pronouns and their uses.

Pronouns are words used to replace a noun to avoid repetition. It is a simple concept, but its types, such as demonstrative pronouns, need a little more attention. There are certain rules we need to follow to apply demonstrative pronouns correctly.

Demonstrative pronouns are basically used to represent a specific something in a sentence. Let us get into a detailed discussion of its uses.

What are demonstrative pronouns?

Demonstrative pronouns are words used to replace a particular word and avoid its repetition in a sentence. It represents something specific in the sentence, be it an item or anything. They can be both singular and plural.

In short, they are words used to replace a noun repetition in a sentence. They are used to avoid the double use of nouns already mentioned in a sentence or in multiple sentences.

Demonstrative pronouns are this, that, these, those, such, none, and neither.

Let us understand with some examples;

  • Riya was playing around. That girl is a naughty one.
  • I have a pencil and a notebook. These are the only essentials I have.
  • I don’t like beans and nuts. Neither is tasty for me.
  • Do you want ice cream? This one is the best.

We see in the first sentences we are mentioning the nouns. And then, we make use of demonstrative pronouns to avoid any repetition and confusion.

Difference between demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives

While talking about a demonstrative pronoun, people often get confused with demonstrative adjectives. It is a fact that they can be similar, but there is a minor difference between them.

When we use a demonstrative adjective, we use them to modify a noun. A demonstrative adjective always precedes a noun. It tries to indicate the noun with its presence in the sentence.

For example;

This apple pie is the best.

When we use a demonstrative pronoun, we use them in place of the noun already mentioned once.

For example;

She has the glamour. That is what I long for.

Usage of demonstrative pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns can get confusing when we are using them. People find it complicated to figure out which to use when and how.

Demonstrative pronouns can be used in the following ways;

  • When there is a list of things mentioned in a sentence, we use these or those as pronouns. It avoids multiple repetitions.
  • When we want to refer to a situation or a description or activity of an object, or simply refer to an object immediately after it has been mentioned once, we use this or that.
  • When we want to indicate the mentioned words or list of two or more things, and it is something that you usually do not want or like, we use neither or none.
  • And finally, when we sometimes want to refer to something indicating similarity or as an instance, we use such.

For example;

  • Apple, mango, and orange. These are the fruits I like.
  • We are all broken. Such is the certainty of life.
  • I have a beautiful beauty box. That is what I wanted to show you.

These are the basic points that will lead to the proper usage of demonstrative pronouns.

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