Gooses or Geese: Which one is Correct?

Goose and geese are not at all different from one another. At least in terms of its nature. Both the words refer to the same aquatic bird that has lived for million years. So, this question is only related to spelling and number-related confusion.

Gooses or geese: which one is correct?

When we say goose or geese, we mean the popular aquatic bird, amongst the most hunted birds, that has lived for 12 million years. However, there is a change in stem vowel between the words only because of the spelling difference, which is accompanied by a number change.

Simply put, goose is the singular form, and geese is the plural form. The word gooses is incorrect. That means we say goose when we refer to one aquatic bird. And when we say geese, we refer to more than one aquatic bird of the same type. Therefore, the words goose and geese are both correct under given circumstances.

For example:

  • I want to see a living goose. (Singular)
  • Are those geese dancing in the water? (Plural)
  • I saw a goose in the park. (Singular)
  • Can geese swim like a fish? (Plural)

As we can see, goose is used with articles like a because it is a singular noun. On the other hand, geese is used without any articles due to their plural nature.

Final words

Goose and geese are both correct. So, comparing the two words are completely useless. It is just a change in number and spelling that comes accordingly. The word Gooses is incorrect.

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