Phrasal Verbs with Yell – Meaning & Examples

This article will see phrasal verbs starting with the word “Yell.”

List of Phrasal verbs with Yell

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Yell” is as follows.

  1. Yell out

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Yell and their usage in a sentence.

1. Yell out

Yell out meaning: suddenly shout in a loud voice

Using Yell out in a sentence:

  • The coach yelled out instructions to the team.
  • The baby woke up and started to yell out loudly.
  • The protestors were yelling out their demands.
  • The singer stopped mid-performance to yell out a thank you to the audience.
  • The teacher had to yell out several times to quiet down the class.
  • The fireman yelled out a warning before breaking down the door.
  • The man stumbled and nearly fell, but managed to yell out for help.
  • The crowd started to yell out when they saw their favorite band.
  • The man suddenly yelled out in pain after twisting his ankle.
  • The kid in the back seat of the car yelled out to the driver to slow down.
  • The players on the field were yelling out encouragement to each other.
  • The woman yelled out to her friend across the street.
  • The dog barked and started to yell out as the mailman approached.
  • The student in the back row yelled out the answer to the question.
  • The speaker was so passionate that they started to yell out their speech.
  • The boss yelled out to the employees to get back to work.
  • The soccer player yelled out in excitement after scoring a goal.
  • The soldier yelled out a warning to his comrades before firing his weapon.
  • The mother yelled out to her children to come inside for dinner.
  • The doctor yelled out to the nurse to bring him the defibrillator.
  • The coach yelled out for the players to hustle.
  • The woman on the balcony was yelling out for someone to help her.
  • The bartender yelled out last call for drinks.
  • The man in the car behind me was yelling out to me to move my car.
  • The children were yelling out in delight as they played in the park.
  • The man on the street corner was yelling out his political views.
  • The fan in the front row yelled out to the player for an autograph.
  • The chef yelled out orders to the kitchen staff.
  • The principal yelled out for the students to be quiet.
  • The man on the subway was yelling out for people to make room for him.
  • The athletes were yelling out for their teammates to pass the ball.
  • The fire chief yelled out for everyone to evacuate the building.
  • The teacher yelled out for the students to put away their phones.
  • The woman on the phone was yelling out in frustration.
  • The man in the boat was yelling out for someone to throw him a life jacket.
  • The mother yelled out to her daughter not to touch the hot stove.
  • The man on the street was yelling out for someone to call the police.
  • The director was yelling out for everyone to be quiet on the set.
  • The instructor was yelling out instructions to the class.
  • The boy on the playground was yelling out for his friends to come play with him.
  • The businessman was yelling out for his assistant to bring him his briefcase.
  • The concertgoers were yelling out for an encore.
  • The athlete was yelling out for his coach to give him some water.
  • The woman on the sidewalk was yelling out for someone to give her directions.

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