Phrasal Verbs with Blow – Meaning & Examples

This article will look at phrasal verbs starting with the word “Blow.”

List of Phrasal verbs with Blow

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Blow” is as follows.

  1. Blow out
  2. Blow up
  3. Blow in/into

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Blow and their usage in a sentence.

1. Blow out

Blow out meaning: To extinguish by blowing

Using Blow out in a sentence:

  • The candle blew out in the wind.
  • She blew out the match after lighting the stove.
  • He blew out the birthday candles on his cake.
  • The wind blew out the power lines during the storm.
  • She blew out her hair before going out for the night.
  • The tire blew out on the highway, causing a delay.
  • He blew out the cobwebs from the old vase.
  • The balloon blew out, much to the disappointment of the children.
  • She blew out her cheeks in frustration.
  • He blew out the dust from his old trumpet.
  • The firework blew out, failing to launch.
  • She blew out her nose into a tissue.
  • He blew out the candles on the anniversary cake.
  • The storm blew out the windows of the house.
  • She blew out her hair after a shower.
  • He blew out the dust from his computer keyboard.
  • The storm blew out the boat’s sails.
  • She blew out the match after smoking a cigarette.
  • He blew out the candles on the cake and made a wish.
  • The wind blew out the flame of the campfire.

2. Blow up

Blow up meaning: To explode

Using Blow up in a sentence:

  • The balloon blew up in the child’s face.
  • The experiment blew up in the scientist’s face.
  • The building blew up during the bombing.
  • The party blew up into a wild dance party.
  • The situation blew up into a huge argument.
  • The tires blew up on the car during the race.
  • The economy blew up during the recession.
  • The plan blew up when the key player quit.
  • The proposal blew up in the team’s face.
  • The speaker blew up the microphone during the presentation.
  • The fireworks blew up in the sky.
  • The secret blew up when the newspaper found out.
  • The relationship blew up after the betrayal.
  • The balloon blew up and startled the dog.
  • The company blew up in size after the merger.
  • The computer blew up and caused a power surge.
  • The deal blew up when the other party backed out.
  • The storm blew up suddenly and caught everyone off guard.
  • The scandal blew up and caused a public uproar.
  • The engine blew up, and the car broke down on the highway.

3. Blow in/into

Blow in/into meaning: arrive/enter noisy, cheerfully

Using Blow in/into in a sentence:

  • The wind blew in through the open window.
  • He blew into town last night.
  • The storm blew in unexpectedly.
  • She blew into the party like a whirlwind.
  • The candle flickered as the wind blew in.
  • He blew into the trumpet with all his might.
  • The leaves blew in circles in the wind.
  • She blew into the balloon until it was full.
  • The thief blew into the bank and demanded money.
  • The wind blew in from the sea, bringing a salty smell.
  • She blew into the straw and made a whistle.
  • The wind blew in and knocked over the trash cans.
  • The sand blew in through the cracks in the door.
  • He blew into the flute, creating a beautiful melody.
  • The storm blew in and caused damage to the roof.
  • She blew into the bottle and created a bubble.
  • The wind blew in, and the curtains billowed out.
  • He blew into the harmonica and played a blues tune.
  • The dust blew in and covered everything in the room.
  • She blew into the glass and created a vase.

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