Phrasal Verbs with Wipe – Meaning & Examples

This article will see phrasal verbs starting with the word “Wipe.”

List of Phrasal verbs with Wipe

The list of phrasal verbs that start with the word “Wipe” is as follows.

  1. Wipe away/off
  2. Wipeout
  3. Wipe up

Let us see the meaning of each phrasal verb with Wipe and their usage in a sentence.

1. Wipe away/off

Wipe away/off about meaning: Remove something, such as dirt or tears, with a piece of cloth or your hand.

Using Wipe away/off in a sentence:

  • She wiped away her tears with a tissue.
  • He wiped the sweat off his forehead.
  • The mother wiped away the baby’s drool.
  • I wiped off the dirt from my shoes.
  • The dog wiped its paws off on the mat.
  • She wiped the counters clean with a cloth.
  • He wiped the chalkboard off with an eraser.
  • She wiped away the stains on her shirt.
  • The chef wiped the sauce off his hands.
  • He wiped away the fog from his glasses.
  • The teacher wiped the board off after class.
  • She wiped away the smudges from her screen.
  • He wiped the countertop off with a sponge.
  • The doctor wiped the blood off the patient’s wound.
  • She wiped the raindrops off her jacket.
  • He wiped the grease off his face.
  • The mechanic wiped the oil off his hands.
  • She wiped away the crumbs from the table.
  • He wiped the sand off his feet before entering the house.
  • The athlete wiped the sweat off her face after the game.

2. Wipeout

Wipeout meaning: destroy completely

Using Wipeout in a sentence:

  • The surfers tried to avoid the wipeout, but the wave was too strong.
  • The stock market suffered a major wipeout yesterday.
  • She wiped out all the cookies from the jar.
  • The disease wiped out most of the population.
  • The car spun out of control and wiped out on the guardrail.
  • The recession wiped out the company’s profits.
  • The hurricane wiped out entire towns along the coast.
  • He wiped out the chalkboard to start over.
  • The landslide wiped out the roads leading to the town.
  • The power failure wiped out all the data on the computer.
  • The sudden rainstorm wiped out the picnic plans.
  • The athlete was wiped out during the competition and had to retire.
  • She wiped out the tears from her eyes.
  • The flood wiped out the crops and left many people homeless.
  • The avalanche wiped out the entire ski slope.
  • The earthquake wiped out many buildings in the city.
  • The tornado wiped out several homes in the neighborhood.
  • The team wiped out the opposition in the final game.
  • She wiped out her debt by saving and working hard.
  • The fire wiped out the entire forest, leaving only ashes behind.

3. Wipe up

Wipe up meaning: clean a substance, especially a liquid, from a surface, especially with a piece of cloth.

Using Wipe up in a sentence:

  • She wiped up the spilled milk from the counter.
  • The janitor wiped up the mud from the floor.
  • I wiped up the tears from my face.
  • He wiped up the sweat from his forehead.
  • The mother wiped up the food from the baby’s face.
  • She quickly wiped up the mess before anyone noticed.
  • The waiter wiped up the spill on the table.
  • He wiped up the sauce from his plate.
  • The maid wiped up the water from the floor.
  • I wiped up the paint from the brush.
  • The dog wiped up the dirt from its paw.
  • The chef wiped up the flour from the counter.
  • She wiped up the juice from the table.
  • The cleaner wiped up the dust from the shelves.
  • I wiped up the grime from the window.
  • He wiped up the soap from the sink.
  • The mechanic wiped up the oil from the floor.
  • She wiped up the tea from the carpet.
  • The gardener wiped up the mud from his boots.
  • I wiped up the crumbs from the table.

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