Why is English Class So Boring?

It’s no secret that English classes can be extremely boring. Not only are they boring for native English speakers, but they are also repeated year after year – something that can be quite redundant. In comparison, math and science, which students do not have to repeat every year, offer new skills to develop in the process. In contrast, English can feel very samey, even from middle school onward. But why is this? Let’s discuss the reasons.

Less effective

One reason an American English class is so boring is that it doesn’t include anything creative. While teachers claim to want students to be interested in Shakespeare and his plays, most English classes have nothing creative to offer. Instead, students spend hours writing papers that are grammatically correct, on topic, and not original. The lack of creativity is one of the most obvious reasons an English class is boring. Here are some ideas to keep your students interested in English classes.

Less effective English classes are based on textbooks. Almost all English teachers use textbooks. While this makes teaching easier, it makes learning English boring. The textbooks often include stories that are boring and require students to read them and answer questions about them. The textbooks also tend to be very dry, which detracts from motivation and enjoyment. Less effective English classes incorporate activities such as discussions, reading comprehension, and writing.

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